Beyond what meets the eye.

In the world we live in today, people choose not to read in between the lines instead they go with the easiest things that come to their minds.

    Lets take this image for example every normal person would say that is just a market and some pedestrians going about their daily business. I’m not trying to say that is wrong, I’m just trying to say that nothing we see is a fact , everything we see is a perspective that may or may not be totally different through the eyes of another person.

   From my perspective I see a group of people that are connected not by blood but by one similar intrest “To make end’s meet”.

   I see the bus driver yelling at the top of his voice in search of passengers so that his children can have dinner tonight.

   I see the tomatoe seller bargaining with a customer so that she may be able to still sell tomorrow.

   I see the girl selling sachet water hoping for customers so that she may one day sit in a classroom without fear.

   That is what I see…..What you see is up to you………Always look deeper for you may never know what lies within.



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